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test yourself society for editors and proofreaders - if you re thinking of training to become a proofreader if you already do editorial work or if you re just curious here s a chance to see how good you d be by taking this short sfep proofreading test, tests com practice tests - free practice tests and other test resources organized in 300 categories including academic career personality intelligence and more, can you ace our quick proofreading test the good - so how good are your proofreading skills in writing extra sales copy for ital the good content code ital i put together this quick proofreading test how many mistakes can you spot in the test copy below try our quick proofreading test capitalization rules for titles yes typos can escape all of us, the no nonsense proofreading course blog - the proofreading test most job interviews for proofreading posts will include a proofreading test it is vitally important that you thoroughly prepare for this test don t rely on your doubtless exceptional proofreading skills alone to get you through it s about so much more than that, free pre employment clerical test lovetoknow - proofreading test clerical employees are often responsible for proofing letters proposals and other business documents so being able to proofread and make corrections is just as important as having solid grammar skills, test your skills in the ultimate proofreading quiz web - try your hand at proofreading to see how many errors you can spot there are ten sentences you will see one sentence at a time count the typos in each sentence then enter the number you find, proofreading skills test employment testing - proofreading skills test t0111 proofreading skills test helps you screen applicants quickly and effectively the skillseries proofreading test is presented to applicants in the form of a brief business letter that contains 20 errors in spelling grammar and punctuation applicants are asked to circle each of the errors, business writing proofreading quizzes test yourself - in today s new york times online you will find a proofreading quiz red pencils ready by philip b corbett try it hint corbett s quiz includes one or two errors per passage i am sharing that hint since i identified many more errors than the times did that s because i would have simplified several passages for easier reading, writing english proofreading and copyediting services - listed below are our easy to use 10 question online practice tests to answer a question simply click on the correct response when you have answered all questions click on the grade me button, how to pass an edit test to get a writing job - as with the interview the best way to tackle an edit test is to know the magazine or publication inside and out the place you can really shine assuming your editing is solid is with your story ideas, online proofreading test the proofreading agency - online proofreading test print out and work through this test on paper before checking your answers on screen read through the text carefully checking for spelling grammar and punctuation errors, proofreading tests and links - the following are some helpful links in preparation for the class and any proofreading test you plan on taking quizzes and tests excellent spelling test with sound, proofreading test the answers the good content company - if you take anything away from this quick proofreading test it should be that it s not enough to rely on a spellchecker be sure to check your facts thoroughly including names dates people places products and events, gleim publications proofreader interview questions glassdoor - the first was a five minute typing test you can take three times the second was a web based assessment of finding errors on a quiz the third was a general proofreading and basic spelling test, b sfep self test in proofreading b training freelances - if you want to see what you got wrong you can click the button to continue and see the correct answers for each page br i want to begin the test click the next button i return to the quiz maker homepage